monthly archive for August 2008

Banana dreams

Those who cannot keep going without bananas and want to have a visual even at work, you can now download the wallpaper from comic Zoo. Just surpress these stupid thoughts and don’t try to bite into it. It could lead to pain on your tongue. Got banana?

Banana and design

Bananas are not available to buy there and there probably won’t ever will, but you can get some for your money’s worth. Printing or photography, Internet- whatever it is. Working with the Designschmiede is always a success and very nice to look at. And who knows? Maybe one day you’ll need the team of the banane design gmbh.


Take: One fancy glass. A shaker with crushed ice, 2 cl of banana liqueur, 2 cl of Blue Curacao, 2 cl of Batida de Coco and 0,1 liter of pineapple juice. Shake it, mix it, do everything you can to mingle the ingredients. Then fill up the glass and decorate with a strawberry and a leaf of mint. That’s how easy it is. That’s it… Prost!

Bananas in the tropical gardens of La Palma

A curiosity of the weird kind is the fact that on the Canarian island La Palma, in the borough Tazacorte, the smallest part of the island, is the largest banana production of the Canaries. In the middle of this huge growing area there’s the vacation Finca garden-Hotels Finca Tropical“, where you can have an excellent time off the usual tourist paths. Of course with a good load of bananas and much more.

Baby banana- how cute!

Did you know that baby bananas are not called baby bananas because they’re fed to little babies, but because they don’t grow taller than 7,5 cm? Instead they develop a great and sweet, but also very intense flavor and simply taste delicious. They’re also called Ladyfinger and are majorly cultivated in Columbia, Thailand and Malaysia. Little people, little fruits. Makes sense.

Dortmunder Banane

Got lost in Dortmund? Looking for a cozy café? No problem. Check out the Café Banane and maybe have some Crépes with banana filling. Or veggie-banana spits. Whatever. It’s funny in any case with the banana. A music cafe with summer feeling.. see you there!

Evening Sun

Take: One fancy glass. And a shaker. Get it filled up with ice cubes and add 2 cl of grenadine syrup, 2 cl of un-whipped cream and 16 cl of banana juice. Close the shaker, shake it and fill up your fancy glass. Then, or sooner, or whenever you want, make yourself a spit with bananas and cocktail cherries. Looks kinda nice and gives the whole thing a Caribbean touch, don’t it. Put two straws in it. In case you don’t know whether there’s someone coming around and everything. Noroc!