daily archive for 19. September 2008

Good Morning Sunshine

We’ll do something healthy today. Can’t always only use the alcohol, right? All right, here’s a good Vitamin Power Cocktail for your breakfast:

Take: two hands full of strawberries (those with small hands please take three), 2 oranges, 1 peach and of course, a banana. Chop up the peach, squeeze out the oranges and halve the strawberries. Hold back a little bit of the orange juice, you’ll need it later. Then puree the fruits in a bowl and pour your juices into a glass. Now fill up with the rest of the orange juice and stir a little bit more. Tastes heavenly, and you’ll instantly feel the power!

If you think this is boring, you can still add a shot of rum or Vodka.. whatever you prefer! Fisehatak!