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Do cockroaches eat banana?

I don’t know if cockroaches eat bananas because I don’t live in the jungle.

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When women eat bananas

Bananas should not be consumed this way in public. Especially not when you’re a guy.

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Even bananas commit suicide

Suicide of a banana. Is that possible? Yes, even bananas can be fed up and decide to say goodbye to life.

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Banane en Cavale

Banana en Cavale is surely an extraordinary case of scurrility in the days of banana trade.

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Probably the most famous banana in the world

Possibly the most famous banana belt buckle was worn by the entertainer and legend Josephine Baker who succeeded in stunning her audience.

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Peel a banana – with your butt!

When Japanese drop their pants to peel a banana with their butts, Paris Hilton and her friends look pretty lame.

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Cucumber or banana

Cucumber or banana has been played since 1997 at the Improvisationstheater in Berlin und it looks like there’s no end for this great piece!

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