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You've got all those crazy ideas and you don't know what to do with the banana's you've got at home? Be creative and make a piece of art of them, send then to us, and maybe your work will be soon found in the Museum of Modern Art. And if not, then at least we'll have it here forever. Check out the Atelier for more info on that.

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Horny banana

Whoever ´s coming up with slippery thoughts by looking at this banana, is slippery by itself. This little yellow fellow has just a real good sense of humor and takes care of a well balanced nutrition.

Horny banana

No such number, banana mama

I had no clue that are already organic cell-phones out there. So, as everybody can see, the owner has either very dirty ears or he´s dialing too much on this sensible key pad. However, for this mobile you wouldn´t need a way too expensive contract by the year. At least you can call me for free.

Organic cell-phone
Sent by Tom from Vienna, Austria


Alright, I admit it. This thing sure has some similarities to a fish. Beneath the x-ray, at least. Or in the great universe. Or something like that. Creepy!

Sent by Joachim S. from Kerpen, Germany.

Bananas in your ears

Somehow I always believed that the (German) saying is “to be as deaf as a nut”. Alas, I had to find out it’s “to have bananas in one’s ears”. Well, better have bananas in your ears than pepper in your butt.

Bananen in den Ohren