Shakin' or stirred?

Strawberry-BananaIt’s not hard to guess what this is all about, eh? We’re mixing, shaking, stirring and constantly presenting to you the most awesome cocktails to be found in this world. At least when it’s about having the banana as a great part of it. Because, I mean, who would want a drink without banana, right? NO WAY!

Anyway- whatever you and your mates want to blend, shake and stir- you’ll find the best drinks in the universe right here. If you don’t have a banana at hand, just double the amount of gin. That works too. Doesn’t taste that great though.

If you have one or two other great cocktail mixes (only if they contain bananas) and you think that our readers will not hesitate to copy them at home, just send the info and the pictures to

The pictures are necessary, because if it’s black we won’t drink it… just kidding. But yellow is just so much cooler.

So get out the shaker and don’t get hurt crushing ice! Banana much?

Get drinking here

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