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banana kitchenThe name gives it away. Cooking and dining is all we’re here for. With or without ceran hob, with or without wok, with or without banana. No, well, strike out that last one, because you’ll only find recipes that have one thing in common: Banana is the first ingredient!

Alright. So whatever you try to build with a banana: here you’re going to find the ideas and instructions to do so. Can’t find a banana at home? Take an orange! Haha, just kidding, get your lazy bum up and buy some. This won’t work without banana.

If you have your own genius recipe (don’t forget that it has to deal with banana some way or another), and you think our readers could like that, then just send the recipe to

With a photo of the dish, please, we do want to see what this is all about.

And now: Keep cookin’ and take care not to put the kitchen on fire.

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