Wanted: Bananahunter!

Bananas in socksYou’ve got a camera and a good sight that doesn’t miss anything? Then get on to the hunting and take a picture of every banana you can find. Or, well, go look for it- on the streets, in the garden, in the kitchen and especially in those places it doesn’t belong. I don’t mean the kinky stuff here, mister! Just take some good sharp pictures and send us your snapshots at:


And, if you’re that creative, just create your own “banana-issue”. Be witty and surprise our readers with you work! The best pictures are always published on our front page (and so are the worst).

Alright, what are you waiting for? Get behind the cam and don’t trip over a peel! Send us the picture with your name, the name of the photo and your location to the above mentioned email address. Of course – if you don’t want us to- we won’t publish your whole name and only mention your first name and the place where you live. Just tell us how you want it. Got your own website or blog? Then just add that info along and we’ll link you.

Check out the pieces that we got so far

Important notice! Send us your pictures in an email in JPG format as an attachment. This is the format commonly used by digital cameras and mobile phone cameras. We cannot accept any other formats. By sending us the pictures and texts, you’re giving away your rights as owner so we can use them on our site. Else it wouldn’t work. The copyright itself stays with you, and we guarantee you that we will not re-publish or give away your work to another third party. Bet your bananas on that!

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