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Not only a lazy bum but a lovely bartender? You mix your drinks with the left hand while you hold the object of your affection with the other one? If you're seriously THAT cool, and you believe that we average Joe's won't be able to make it any longer without your drinks, then take the shaker and send us some of your secrets. If they're really as good as promised, we'll have them up here in no time for everyone to see. How you become our special shake-master.

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Banana Royal

The banana royal is a tasty cocktail with lots of dark rum and other ingredients.

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Good Morning Sunshine

A tasty vitamin cocktail for your breakfast is the Good Morning Sunshine with fresh fruits.

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The bananita is a delicious cocktail for every time of the day.

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Green Day

The Green Day is a real classic among the liqueur drinks and tastes delicious.

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You can get Dallas not only on TV or in the USAN, but also in a long drink glass, where the cocktail feels best.

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Evening Sun

Non-alcoholic, refreshing and matching every occassion is the cocktail Evening Sun with tasty and healthy ingredients.

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Banana Flip

The banana flip is a classical flip and tastes best with some nutmeg grated over it.

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