Jägermeister hunts bananas

Friends of the famous drink Jägermeister should know what this is all about. But because there are people who still also use food to fill their stomach (as opposed to drinks), we’ll teach them how to have a great time with a balanced nutrition.

The Banana Hunter:

Take 3 cl of Jägermeister, 3 cl of Creme de Banane, 3 cl of lemon juice, 4 cl of peach juice and Tonic Water. Why everywhere 3 cl except for the peach juice will be a mystery forever.

Except for the Tonic, put everything in the shaker which you’ve filled up before with crushed ice, and shake it. No stirring, sir. Pour it into the glass and fill it up with the Tonic, then drink. But wait- you can decorate, too. Ah nevermind, no one gives a flying eff about decoration when they’re thirsty. Got banana?

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