Binders Banana-Label Collection

Did you know that Josef Binder owns one of the largest collections of banana labels? He’s got more than over 7000 (!!!) different stickers. I wonder what makes people collect all that weird stuff. Still, pretty impressive.

banana label collection
Go and have a look!

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5 comments at “Binders Banana-Label Collection”

  1. Judy says:

    NOW I know what I’m gonna do next week in case I’m getting bored!
    🙂 There’s indeed a lot to look at. 🙂

  2. royalbanana says:

    @Judy…I´m quite sure you´ll never gettin´ bored cause you´re always busy with killing badmen, or at least to daze them LOL

  3. Judy says:

    Well…actually…you could be right there… 😉 …

  4. royalbanana says:

    Just “could”? I AM right LOL