The Banana Diet Trap

Banana doesn’t always mean banana. Especially when you’re on a diet. Why? Easy. Only eating the unripe, rather greenish or at least not too ripe bananas (without the brown spots) makes you lose calories. That’s because the green ones contain many long chained carbohydrates (starch) which are mainly responsible for feeling full, and that for a lasting period. They also prevent your insulin level from getting too high, which is a good thing.

This good thing makes a turn if you eat the ripe bananas instead: They’re sweet, for one. And those long chained carbs? They’re not so long anymore, which means they’ve become sugar, and sugar, as we all know, is a deal breaker when it comes to diets. Those ripe bananas even contain a lot of sugar, too, which makes your insulin level rise fast and therefore blocking the fat burners. You can see the yellow banana’s deed on your hips later. Bon appetit and good luck with losing the weight!

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