Looking for a job as whistle blower?

InvestigatorYou’re at the right spot here! Whatever you know about the banana, whatever you’ve heard, all the rumors in the world- tell us about them! Got a beauty tip for our readers, know a top level secret about the banana? Heard a hilarious banana joke and want people to hear it? Found something that puts the banana into an entirely different perspective? Are you the one to have discovered a scandal about the banana, the banana industry or the banana works? Or do you simply think that bananas are overrated?

Whatever it is- just send us your article or your statement. Our bureau “inner banana” collects and evaluates this information, and if it’s hot enough, we will publish it on the front page- of course fully protecting your anonymity.

To keep everything secret, only send your report to


Send us your story with your alias and your alias address to the above email. That’s also only an alias. Our workers empty the inbox in full anonymity. If you do want to be famous, and you have a website or blog, send that along and we’ll make sure to publish that. Fully anonym, of course…

Important notice! Send us your pictures in an email in JPG format as an attachment. This is the format commonly used by digital cameras and mobile phone cameras. We cannot accept any other formats. By sending us the pictures and texts, you’re giving away your rights as owner so we can use them on our site. Else it wouldn’t work. The copyright itself stays with you, and we guarantee you that we will not re-publish or give away your work to another third party. Bet your bananas on that!


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