Colorful banana cream

And today we take care of the toothless department. I mean, there is a possibility that some old folks is among us, you know, those with the fake plastic teeth who can’t eat everything they get served. That’s why we’re going to talk liquid today in hell’s kitchen. And: it’s easy! What more could one possibly want?

What you need for your fortune? For the cream

  • 250g curd
  • 200g of yogurt
  • 400g of strawberries and
  • 3 bananas, you know, for a change!

This lasts for 4 elderly people with no working teeth.

And we’re going to decorate the whole thing. Take some cookie bars (you can suck on those if you can’t bite them), two bars of chocolate and 4 strawberries for that.

This is how we do it:

First we blend the mashed strawberries with half of the curd and half of the yogurt. Do not use the blender for that, we don’t want a sauce, we want a cream.

banana creamFill the cream into a glass or a bowl. Then mash the bananas and mix them with the leftover yogurt and curd, then carefully spread it over the strawberry cream. Grate some chocolate over every portion, put a strawberry on top and finish up with one of those cookie bars.

If you still have trouble swallowing that stuff, use a thick straw. Or ask a nice nurse to lend you a full set of teeth.

Recipe and photo by courtesy of huettenhilfe

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