Grilled banana with bacon

grilled banana with baconYes, I remember we already had the grill-thing, but this one’s totally off the hook. Haute cuisine chefs from around the world would probably describe it as “Banana from the Ecuadorian rain forest in a bacon coat from the Vietnamese pot-bellied pig”. But friends of the classic cooking know it’s simply bacon wrapped banana on a grill. However you call it, it’s delicious.

This is what you need to get it started:

• 4 bananas
• 16 slices of smoked bacon
• salt & pepper
• 4 shashlik skewers

If you’ve got all that you can get it started. Don’t forget to put the grill outside. It’s not that great inside the house. Okay, let’s go:

banana on the grillPeel the bananas and cut them into four equal pieces. If you’re creative, you can cut them in unequal pieces. Spice them up with some salt and pepper and wrap one slice of bacon around each.

Put each of the pieces on four skewers and grill them. You can serve the meal when the bacon gets crispy.

This one’s even good enough for all the grill foes. If it’s not enough for you, then go ahead and throw your meat on the grill and infest your body with carcinogenic fats. And: No beer with banana! That’s kinda barbaric. Hold that for the steaks.

Recipe an pictures by courtesy of huettenhilfe

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