Grilled choco banana

Ever thought you could throw our yellow friend on the grill? Well, you can. Stop having all those lame ass BBQs, enjoy a real exclusive meal. All that meat and beef and those hot dogs are only helping getting you to obesity anyway. A grilled banana, on the other hand, is a sweet deal. Which makes you fat too. But you really don’t have to eat five of them at the same time (I don’t really make sense today, I know that)

What you need for that is quickly explained:

  • Bananas (yeah, surprise, surprise)
  • white chocolate
  • whole milk chocolate (brown)
  • dark chocolate (dark brown, duh)
  • and honey. The honey’s essential, and it’s best if you got it fresh from the bee.

Got all the stuff? Then let’s get it going, here are the how-tos:

grilled choco bananaFirst things first: The fresher the banana the easier the preparation. The banana’s peel should stay undamaged. Take care that the bananas are neither soft nor squishy. If that’s the case just skip the grilling and make some banana mush instead.

Grate the whole milk, dark and white chocolate and divide them into three different bowls.

Cut the banana lengthwise on the bent side. Take the fruit out of the peel. It’s best if you just “scratch out” the insides with a long spoon. Make sure the flesh stays undamaged!

banana stuffed with chocolatePut some of the chocolate into the empty peel- mix however you like it to be, either only one kind of chocolate, two or all of them. Sway the package a little bit so the chocolate spreads on the inner peel walls. Just make sure it’s not sticking to the walls of your room, your mom might freak out.

Now take the banana flesh and cut it lengthwise. Take the bottom half and put it back into the peel. Pour some of the chocolate over it.

Then pour a thin line of honey over the chocolate splits. To finish up, put the second half on top again and pour even more chocolate over it.

Put it on the grill for about 8-10 minutes. Enjoy while it’s hot!

chili in the bananaTip: If you want a special kick, use some chili! Only the cook’s supposed to know where it’s hidden, though. The easiest is to put one into all of them… you won’t need to remember the “one”.

The poor guy who finds the one with the chili has to keep and eat it in front of witnesses. But as a prize he gets a cold beer afterwards and can skip the fruit tea.

Recipe and pictures by courtesy of huettenhilfe

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