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With avocados, bananas and apples you can easily and quickly charm yourself a wonderful cocktail.

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Tropical Sun

Tropical Sun is a yummy longdrink with bananas, passion fruit, milk and lemon as well as some whipped cream.

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San Francisco

San Francisco is in California, that's right. But this one floats in a glass and tastes heavenly.

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Crimson Pineapple

The Crimson Pineapple is a very simple but very delicious fruit cocktail.

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Jägermeister hunts bananas

A Jägermeister Cocktail of the special kind surely is the Banana Hunter with Creme de Banana.

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Anitas Love

Anita's Love is only for those who love Anita. Or at least banana syrup in their long drink.

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Crazy Coconut

Crazy Coconut is not seriously a crazy coconut, rather a delicious long drink.

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