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Stronger through the day with bananas

For breakfast a banana with some cereals is the perfect energy starter for a hard day.

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Banana is an energizer!

Because of their carbohydrates bananas are the best energy donators of all fruits and that's why they're so popular among athletes.

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Bananas kill warts

Warts can be treated with caster oil and banana peels. If we're supposed to use Chiquita was not mentioned.

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Bananas as preventing medicine

Bananas and a handfull of hazelnuts or walnuts can prevent heart and vascular dieases. No bypass for us!

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Successful with bananas

Bananas calm your nerves because of their contained vitamin B and is a real secret tip for your next salary negotiation to keep you sane.

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Take your banana to bed!

Bananas let us easily sleep better because of the contained amino acids, therefore making us fitter for the morning.

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Banana chips for your little break

Those who get tired every now and then can prevent this weakness with some banana chips to stay up and running.

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