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Grilled banana with bacon

A real surprise at any Barbecue is the deliciously surprise grilled banana with bacon. Enjoy it with a glass of white wine. You´ll love it.

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Colorful banana cream

From curd and yogurt, strawberries and bananas we make a delicous drink that works for toothless people too.

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Chocolate banana cake

A chocolate banana cake is very delicious and always popular among all family members.

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Grilled choco banana

Grilled chocolate banana with some chili is a real pleasure and is part of every real BBQ.

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Elvis Sandwich – with bananas, of course!

The famous Elvis Sandwich is legendary and absolutelyeasy to prepare, just with some banana slices and peanut butter inside.

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Noodle salad for girls

Noodle salad for girls sounds much like quota share. But it's good for boys, too.

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Roasted banana coated in sesame with lemon caramel

In sesame covered roasted banana- a great and tasty meal and tastes best with some whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

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