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Beauty by bananas

Those tired and exhausted can help themselves with a banana-curd-mix in the face to kill the small wrinkles.

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Bananas against dry skin

If you have dry skin, mash bananas with honey and put the stuff in your face.

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Make leaves shine with banana

With banana peels you’re able to make the leaves of your indoor plant shine!

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Banane-Papaya -Peeling

A banana papaya peeling softens your skin and gives it a pretty, graceful shimmer.

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Bananas kill warts

Caster oil and a banana peel allegedly help getting rid of warts. Now which banana am I supposed to take for that?

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Wash your hair – with bananas

You can wash your hair with bananas to protect them from drying out.

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Dung your roses with bananas

Grandma says yes, experts say no about dunging roses with banana peels. Who’s supposed to know now!

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