Everything’s not banana?

If you feel the need to protest against the cheap supermarkets such as Lidl and Aldi, you will find a huge collection of flyers, handouts and other tools for your protesting needs on the attac website. Among other things you can step in for the social rights of the banana peasants with the help of this postcard for example.

social right for bananasTo be exact, it’s about those two companies setting the weekly reference prices for bananas that are so low that no one can actually oppose. The people who work every day on the fields in Ecuador suffer the most. Not only do they cut people from their jobs to save labor costs, ultimately, less workers have to deal with the same amount of hard work as before.

Germany, a banana low-price country, profits from powers such as cheap supermarkets like Lidl that are two fisted and without any morality to speak of. They make poor people get even poorer, have them work hard and make them suffer within the worst conditions imaginable.

Fair trade is still nothing but a shallow promise, not followed by any action but visible through a mere label on a banana. Reality’s still the same as always and nothing has changed.

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