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Hungover? Banana!

With bananas you can easily fix a hangover and feel alot better.

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The great Banana Hoax

Bananas do not contain any acids or psycho contents and are no illegal drug.

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How do I stock my bananas?

There are many theories about stocking bananas. I never stick to any of them.

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Banana prices going down

If banana republics admitted being exactly that, it would have a great effect on the banana rates.

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Soccer and bananas

Banana centers were a speciality of soccer player Manfred Kaltz.

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Capital of the banana

Machala in Ecuador is also known as the world capital of the banana and has the most important banana port of the world, Puerto Bolivar.

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Banana – The Fruit of the White Man

The bananas scientific name is musa sapientim, which pretty much means something like Fruit of the White Man.

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