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You have the great ability of taking pictures that are not wiggly, you've got talent and a good sight? Then make every banana you see your perfect model and send us your pictures! Our art bureau will eye up every work and if they find a piece of art among them, we'll publish them as well. Find more on that at the Studio.

Here's the entrance!

Precocious banana

Must be cruel when growing up faster than all the fellows but stuck with them at kindergarten. Anyway, it looks like this grown up banana enjoys it´s hard life with the puppies.

precocious banana
Picture sent by Fredrik Klasen from Halberstadt, Germany

Too sexy for a muesli

Not all bananas ar ending up in cereals. Especially those who are that sexy as the one which is shown here. It would be wasting talent, anyway.

Too sexy for a muesli
Photo sent by Paul Janisch from Berchtesgaden, Germany

Banana on rice

For all lovers of the new spartan cuisine who like to enjoy the taste of organic raw material, there´s the columbian banana on rice from the nicaraguan mountains. A main dish rich on vitamins and with less calories. Also appropriate for diabetic.

banana on rice
Picture sent by Jasmin Retzer from St. Pölten, Austria

Banana safety tank

It´s always strange to see which weird stuff doctors carry around at work. They want us to believe it´s a banana safety tank but truth is that the box is full with little red pills to make us tame. No clue what the guys from Tupperware are thinking about.

Sent by Judy from Munich, Germany

Junkie Banana

And there I thought I knew every insane idea of a human mind! Well, nevermind then. The pharmaceutical industry has everything under control.

Banana on antidepressants