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Banana dreams

A wallpaper of which you shouldn't bite off a pice, even if you're so low on your banana dose.

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Banana in the bunker

An uncommon, but very effective place to keep your bananas is the nifty bunker designed by Paul Stremple.

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Sexy hips in banana belts

A banana belt is surely a fashion tip for your next halloween party.

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All banana!

Bananas can be very inspiring and sometimes it really confuses to see what people come up with.

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Do cockroaches eat banana?

Since I don't live in a bamboo hut or in the jugnel, I really can't say whether cockroaches eat bananas or not.

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When women eat bananas

Men should not sink too deep into the pleasure of a banana this way, especially not in public, if they're keen on being taken seriously.

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Even bananas commit suicide

How a banana commit suicide in a very impressive but depressive way we can see in this video. Only for adults!

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