I’m glad to welcome you and I hope you’ll enjoy what we offer for you.

For everyone who’s asking themselves what the heck this is all about I suggest reading the Got Banana? Page. No question will be left unanswered. For everyone else who’s ready to get down with us to a one of a kind adventure, I hope you’ll have a great time reading and discovering what’s here. I promise everyone will find what they’re looking for.

From today on, this site will be updated daily with new, crazy, absurd and interesting information all about our favourite fruit, the banana, and will hopefully grow to the “number one” source when it comes to the bent yellow friend.

Think this is nuts? Well, you’re definitely right. It IS nuts. Mad? That, too. Who the hell writes about bananas? Interesting? Definitely. Just check it out every day and find out stuff on the banana you’ve never known before.

But before we get going, I don’t want to forget mentioning all those who have worked alongside me to realize this project, and of course those who will continue to support and develop this site.

First things first, I want to thank my Webmaster Ulrich Birla aka da webmasta for the awesome work he’s done. He’s spent so many night shifts and has managed to create a perfect site in so little time. He lacks nothing- he’s got all the tech-knowledge and the witty creativity that was needed for the project. I’m still waiting for the day he’ll kill me for my ideas of grandeur. Thank you so much Uli, I really do appreciate your work.

Furthermore I want to thank my lovely friend without whom this English version of the site wouldn’t exist. I mean, I can’t do everything! When I asked her to help me with the project, she didn’t even know what was happening to her, didn’t know what this was all about and yet accepted immediately and got into a nice little trip with us, a trip no one knows yet where it ends. We will see. But nothing could go wrong with a banana in your backpack, right? She’ll be the one translating everything I put here into English simultaneously so the two sites will always stay synchronized. We’re doing it right here, folks.

That said, big props out to you, Sara aka saripari, for your effort and the great work you’ve done here (from saripari: I know I should be modest here and not translate all the credits about myself, but so what, it’s what the boss wants!). Thanks a thousand times, dearest Sara! I’m excited to be working with you from now on, and I´m sure to have a fun time together.

Another special thank you goes out to Josef Binder, who’s also someone with a crazy yet interesting hobby. He collects banana labels from the whole world and has so far collected more than 7000 of these stickers and had them cataloged on his website. Without his support and his approval of the usage of the pictures, we would not be having that great widget in the sidebar. All of the pictures presented there are from his collection. Thank you so much, Mister Binder!

Alright, the necessary acknowledgment is done, no one was left out and we can get the party started right here at YES! WE HAVE NO BANANAS.

I hope you’re all going to have a great time with us, and if you’re interested in helping out actively with our project, you’ll find many ways to do so in the various pages of our navigation bar.

I’d be glad to get some feedback and see you around, and don’t forget: I’m just as bananas as you! Got banana?


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