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Why athletes eat banana

Bananas are important magnesium deliverers and compensate the loss when athletes sweat too much.

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Take your banana to bed!

Amino acids in the banana make it possible to glide into a deep and better sleep.

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Banana chips for your little break

Banana chips are the ideal energy source for snacking and help over the tired days.

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Bananas prevent gall stones

Pectins and fibers in the banana take care of lowering the blood cholesterol level which prevents gall stones.

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Bananas against spring fever

Spring fever can be prevented by eating one or two bananas a day because they contain the happiness hormone “Serotonin”.

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Grilled Banana and Yogurt

Banana and yogurt, stirred into one cup, makes a tasty meal, protects your bowels and keeps the ravenous appetite away.

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The Banana Diet Trap

Only those who know about long and short-chained carbohydrates in a banana can actually use this delicious fruit to lose weight.

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